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Triple Tiered Shelf Display with Plywood Edge

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Catch their attention at your next market event with these aesthetically pleasing 3 tiered shelf displays with a beautiful plywood edge. Perfect for candles, soaps and whatever else you can fit.

A major upgrade from our standard version both visually and structurally, this is more the CR Crafted style. This is not your typical construction grade plywood.  This is cabinet grade plywood with more, even layers and thicker surface veneers, giving the plywood a beautiful, presentable edge with no voids.  Each sheet is carefully hand picked by myself.  Each piece is finished with crystal clear matte polyurethane to protect its beauty and give that silky smooth touch.


  • 3 stadium tiers for multi level display
  • 3 inch vertical distance between tops of shelves
  • 3.75 inch usable shelf surface, front to back
  • Support pocket cutouts for easy storage and portability
  • Notched joints for increased stability
  • Beautiful plywood edge with Polyurethane protection

Please allow 1 - 5 days for fulfillment.